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New Tech Giant, Buzsquare of TRENDAFRIK, has hit the Social Media Space across Africa

The CEO of Trendafrik-Buzsquare, Kodzo Deku, on Friday 2nd June, 2023, called on the President of Africa Revolutionary Council – ARC, Ing. Dr. Atsuga Sogbey, who doubles as the Leader of Science & Technology Advocacy Renaissance for Africa- STARFA in Accra, Ghana.

The two talked among other things, about how it is time, Africa owned its Social Media Platform, compared to the likes of Facebook,  WhatsApp,  Google, Tweeter, etc.

With the Buzsquare Platform, many virtual activities in the comfort of your homes, offices, etc. are doable.

Crucial areas such as transport,  town riding,  marking, financial engineering, etc are plausible with the new Tech Giant Buzsquare, which is yet to hit the Social Media Space across Africa.

This idea is already in motion with the initial release of the webapp. The mobile applications can be downloaded in the google play store and the app store for android and ios respectively.

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