ADC observes Business Day every Thursday.

ADC observes Business Day every Thursday.

Thursday, 17 August, 2023, ADC observed a Business Day, with Farming Project as the Topic of the day.

The President of ADC, Ing. Dr. Atsu Sogbey, was of the view that, farming is the way to go, if we are to put Africa on the global map of the countries with Economic Powers.

The day was used to project local & international Entrepreneurs’ endeavors in Agribusiness.

One of these Agribusiness personalities, is Mr. Mawufemor Nornyibey, who used the opportunity to showcase his Agribusiness endeavors.

ADC Investors’ Expression of Interest

All will-be investors from ADC, who wish to join the Amalgamated Farm Project,  for a fraud free, secured & guaranteed investment, should please contact the Secretariat via WhatsApp number +233277070937

It doesn’t matter your location in Africa, your ADC investment is secure.

Ing. Dr. Bright Atsu Sogbey


Below are some of his exhibits.

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